Programs Offered


These programs are designs to cater to the needs of the client to Maximize there credit scores.

Fast Track Program

​Is design for  the individuals who credit score reflects a FAIR statues the credit bureaus, but not high enough to qualify for home ownership, lower interest rates and refinancing. This program is design to get clients qualified in 90 days or less. We first review your credit, then work with the bureaus to remove unfair and inaccurate negative items. This We help monitor and prepare a custom plan aggressive strategies and conventional dispute methods to ensure MAXimize result to rebuild your credit.​

First Time Home Buyers  

​Here at JMAX we have partner with Realtor Alan Jackson & Associates to offer Homeownership Programs to help low- to-moderate- income homebuyers achieve the American dream of owning their own homes. The programs offer a variety of 30-year, fixed rate mortgages, some at below market interest rates. Assistance is available for both first-time homeowners and people who have owned homes before. Each program has different rules and regulations.